What is diariesof?

diariesof is a travel bookazine. This means that it has got the quality of a book and the format of a magazine. Its 164 pages are filled with travel stories, photographies, interviews, and also one humanitarian project to raise social awareness.
Each issue is solely about one country so the reader can immerse instead of touch base. We find it important to explore the different aspects of a culture in order to better understand it. We achieve our goal when the reader connects to our featured country and feels inspired to make a journey there to live his own experiences and encounters. diariesof mainly intends to inspire, hence our motto “travel inspirations”.


ISSUE #07 – Georgia (international FREE shipping!)

Watch VideoJoin us on an adventure through the heart of the Caucasus. In this issue you will get to know about Georgian ancestral cuisine and winemaking traditions. We will take you to the best regions of the country: the Greater Caucasus, for some otherworldly hikes through Svaneti and horse riding with Nicklas in the remotest region of Tusheti. Cyclists will find inspiration in Thomas’ article about his favourite passes or in Julian’s adventure mountaineering the summits of Tetnuldi and Kazbek. Our motorcycle article starts in the lost villages of Mestia, Ushguli and Lentekhi on the partially-existing roads that connect them and ends in the semi-desert non-existent road that should lead to David Gareja. What can we say about these ‘ghost roads’? They are a pleasure for bikers! John will share his adventures in the wine region, where one cannot (and should not!) avoid being part of a supra ceremony, not only to taste the food and the wine but, especially to experience genuine Georgian hospitality.

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ISSUE #06 – Peru (international FREE shipping!)

Video coming soonCome with us and discover the amazing Paracas National Reserve, the place for bird watching. We will also head to the dunes that invade the roads and occasionally give rise to oasis, such as Huacachina. Jessica will take you to Lake Titicaca so you can find out how the indigenous people live on floating islands. Yannis tells about indecision between cycling along the coast or through the Andean mountains; Paulo and Goran, our motorcycling friends, devoured the roads of the country on an epic voyage of discovery of the Pan-American Highway. Morten and Mai Brit ‘landrovered’ through the great Colca canyon looking for condors, which they found in all their splendour. Daniel will share his discovery of the absolutely amazing city of the Incas, Machu Picchu. And Patrícia takes us there on a journey along the largest river in the world to Iquitos and from there on to the smaller settlements along the river…

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ISSUE #05 – Portugal (international FREE shipping!)

Watch VideoCome along while we discover this beautiful country. We will take you to the idyllic and bucolic countryside through some of Portugal’s prettiest hamlets, such as Regoufe, Drave and Piodão as well as to a buzzing and modern country in Lisbon and Porto. We will introduce you to the culture of Pipers (Gaiteiros), horse riders as well as the eternal Fadistas. The country has got an immensity of natural Parks and we will invite you to join us explore the ones in Setúbal, Gerês and Serra da Estrela. Daniel will take us on a hike to the Fishermen trail in the Costa Vicentina. Come and meet Birgit and Søren, two Danish who left Denmark 6 months ago to cycle around the world and included Portugal on their route. Be also prepared as this issue’s food section cooked by Chef Francisco will make your mouth water. These and many more surprises await to be discovered in this special magazine…

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ISSUE #04 – Cape Verde (international FREE shipping!)

Watch VideoJoin us on the discovery of this hidden gem. Cape Verde is 10 destinations in one single country. Come with us to hike to the top of the active volcano in the island of Fogo; In the Island of Sal we will visit the salt lakes and will get to practice some wind sports on the turquoise blue sea waters. Let us cross land the Island of Santo Antão in order to dive into its green lavish mountains. In Boavista, the sand desert will lead us to marvellous beaches. We will introduce you to the Morna and to Grogue and you will be amazed with Morabeza, Cape Verdians typical hospitality…

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ISSUE #03 – Morocco (international FREE shipping!)

Watch VideoJoin us on a wonderful trip to Morocco! Marleen will take you to Marrakesh, the city of 1000 spices and 1000 smiles. Come with her to get lost in the city’s delicious souks. Natalie will ride a camel to take you to a very special hotel, one that offers you one million stars in the Sahara desert. If camels are not your cup of tea, you can try to follow either Daniel who will pedal through the desert or else Nathalie who will be on board the Touareg of modern times. You will have tea with the Berbers, who will tell you about their everyday lives. Ride along the Atlantic coast by motorbike with Jorge and Anabela to experience life in the small fishing villages. Meet Tim who will conquer the Atlas Mountains with snow axes and crampons. Franjo will introduce you to some of the prettiest villages through their cats and Assia will tell you about the Gnawas. And there is so much more in this issue…

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ISSUE #02 – Argentina (international FREE shipping!)

Watch VideoIn this issue we will take you on our motorbike to the End of the World and to the Land of Fire. If the Drake Passage doesn’t scare the hell out of you, join the Dickison’s on an expedition to the Antarctica to meet the penguins and the scary leopard seals. Don’t miss Mariano’s tips on what to do in Buenos Aires, come dance tango with us and go to Salta with Federico. Learn how difficult it is to climb Aconcagua with Morten and Mai-Brit or face Patagonia’s strong winds on Daniel’s bike. Meet Laura who will tell us how Buenos Aires influences her art and listen to Andrés singing tango. You will read about the social project that Michel is helping with the organisation Hëllef fir Rosario. And we have plenty of stories to tell you about the encounters we had in Argentina…

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ISSUE #01 – Chile (international FREE shipping!)

Watch VideoCome discover this country with us! We will take you on our motorbike through Chile starting in Santiago where Anita will give us some tips to better discover the city. From there we will drive to Valparaiso to visit this open air city-museum covered in graffiti. Together with Jonas and Hector we will descend the mythical Carretera Austral. Join Mai-Brit and Morten who will lead us in their Land-Rover through the Atacama Desert. Enjoy our photographic essay of the ghost town of Humberstone and meet Carmen and Natanael who swear for Chiloé. Join us for a trek in Torres del Paine and come climb the Villarica volcano with us. We will visit the kids of El Bosque and Héctor will tell us how Nouvelle PNP is helping the neighbourhood. We will teach you how to prepare a national dish and will report how it was experiencing a 8.2 earthquake…

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Where can you get diariesof?

You can have it delivered at home if you buy it on-line on this page. You can choose to buy the available issues (issue #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 or #6) for 17 EUR or pre-order the next one, which will be printed in autumn 2017.

It is also available in the best bookstores of Luxembourg.

Why should you subscribe to diariesof?

Because if you do, you will get two issues for 30 EUR only. And the terrific news is that you can choose which issues you would like to receive. Enjoy travelling with us!